Special Shape Window Shutters

Our made-to-measure special shape window shutters offer the perfect compliment to a wide range of shaped windows and doors including arches, port holes, circles, half circles, triangles, octagons, ovals, ellipses and many more shapes including shutters for Gable Ends. By opening up these beautiful features of your home with special shape window shutters, you immediately get control of your surroundings as well as an increased living area.


When architects design specific features in a building, they do not necessarily think about window furnishings and therefore you may find yourself very limited in choice when it comes to covering the windows or doors with more traditional window coverings. Luckily, we can provide wide range of bespoke shutter solutions to fit just about any window, door or room divider no matter the size, shape,
or complexity.

Amazing Benefits of our Special Shape Window Shutters

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hy hide your features with a curtain or square blind when our made-to-measure shutters can be manufactured to fit exactly in or onto your feature window. And the amazing benefit of our special shape window shutters is that this is a functional solution rather than just a window dressing. Our special shape window shutters can come with operable louvres to help provide unique light control and privacy options, while maintaining style and elegance in your home. The hinged panels can be closed while the louves opened to let light and air into the room. Or they can be concertinaed and folded back against the wall to allow an un-obstructed view of your feature windows, doors or garden.