Tier on tier shutters (double hung shutters or split shutters) are hung as full height shutters with the versatility of opening the top portion separately and are available from our range of shutter styles.

With one shutter hung above the other, these shutters are perfect as sash windows enabling you to open the top shutter allowing natural light in, whilst keeping the bottom one closed for privacy.


Best Materials for Tier on Tier Shutters?

We offer the best materials for these shutters our hardwood shutters are perfect for tier on tier plantation shutters.

When our craftsmen build these tier on tier plantation shutters, the focus is on strength for the shutter panel and its hinges.

Hardwood Wooden shutters prevent weakening over time by providing a strong fixing point for the hinges.


Different Styles of Tiered Shutters

Choose tier on tier shutters for a contemporary window solution, with the addition of a hidden tilt rod and a larger louvre

Or choose a traditional shutter look, with smaller louvres and a centre tilt rod, perfect for Edwardian or Victorian-style homes.

Alternatively, tiered solid shutters can provide almost 100% blackout when closed. Designed as a shaker style shutter and perfect to add character to older homes.

At South East Shutters we offer a large range of standard paints and wood stains, we also offer custom colour matching to create your bespoke look.


Sash Windows

All styles of tier on tier shutters are a perfect partner for sash windows, where the tier split can be crafted to fall naturally along the sash join.


Tier on Tier Shutters or Shutters with Mid Rails?

We offer a free home consultation to enable us to run through all the options and provide you with greater detail, to help you make the right choice for your home.

Book for a free consultation with our experts to find out how tier on tier shutters can transform your home.