Want to know more about these beautiful shutters? Tier on tier shutters are effectively full height shutters with a twist, they are the most versatile and adjustable window shutters from our range of shutter styles.

Tiered shutters which are also known as ‘split shutters’ give you two separate shutter panels one above the other. These shutters are perfect as sash window shutters, as they enable you to open the top tier shutters allowing natural light to fill the room, whilst keeping the bottom tier closed for privacy.

Tier on tier shutters look stunning in any room but especially a living room or bedroom. The shutters are designed with practicality in mind, which makes them great for modern-day living, easy to clean, a complete privacy solution and great with children and adults in mind, they are a classic shutter solution within our wooden shutter range.


Best Shutter material for tier on tier Shutters?

Materials used for our Shutter Blinds varies, however, if you’re looking for the best then hardwood shutters are undoubtedly the best and most suitable for tier on tier plantation shutters. When we build plantation shutters in a tier on tier style, we always focus on the strength of both the shutter panel and most importantly its hinges.

Bi-folding tier on tier shutters add a lot of pressure at the hinges and shutter framework, if cheaper MDF shutters are used, the hinges are not biting into a suitable material and over time with use, the hinges become loose and result in the panels dropping out of line or even worse falling off. Hard Wooden shutters prevent this from happening, by providing a strong fixing point for the hinges. The screws bite into the grain of the timber and once in place, they will not move or become loose over time.


Different styles of tiered shutters

We offer bespoke styling for tier on tier shutters to suit any style of decor. The shutters provide a contemporary looking shutter solution, with the addition of a hidden tilt rod and a larger louvre, this makes for a cleaner more simplistic looking shutter. 

Alternatively, for a more traditional styled shutter, we can use a smaller louvre with a centre tilt rod, perfect for all Edwardian or Victorian-style homes located in our local market towns.

We also offer tiered solid shutters, which can provide almost 100% blackout with the shutters closed. They are designed as a shaker style shutter and bring a touch of originality, perfect for those looking to restore character to their older home.

All of our styles of tier on tier shutters can be finished in a wood stain or a sprayed paint finish. At South East Shutters we offer a large range of standard paints and wood stains, however, if that’s not enough we also offer custom colour matching to really create the perfect solution.


Dressing Sash Windows

Sash windows and tiered shutters are simply made for each other, the split in a sash window provides the perfect height to split the tier on tier shutters and as a result, they carry the same lines, giving a crisp and natural solution to dressing sash windows and bay windows.


Tier on tier shutters or shutters with mid rails?

Which do you choose? This is a question we are often asked, both shutter styles have their benefits and to really see which style of plantation shutters is best for you, we would need to visit your home to chat through the advantages or benefits of each shutter style for your windows. 

We offer a free home consultation to enable us to run through all the options in greater detail, to help you make the right choice for your home.

Book in for a free consultation with our experts to find out how tier on tier shutters can transform your home.