The perfect solution for room darkening and added insulation which adds a touch of drama to any room whilst enhancing the features of an older house.

These solid panel have become a must have for any contemporary modern home allowing clean lines and durability.

Choose solid wood for a stronger and lighter shutter solution that works well on all window styles and patio doors or French doors.

Made to measure solid wood panels at South East Shutters are crafted exactly to your size & design, so every wood shutter will be a perfect fit.

Benefits of Solid Panel Shutters

Not only do the solid panel look great but they are wonderful for managing natural light levels in your rooms, with the added benefit of insulation against cold & wet winter days.

Choose brilliant white to create a dramatic, modern uncluttered look and reflect back as much light to your room or choose a colour to add cosy warmth to your restful spaces.

These beautifully crafted shutters have the added benefit of creating an additional layer to enhance noise security and protection.