The use of solid wood panel shutters as a window solution has a long history here in the UK, commonly labelled ‘the classic style of interior shutter’. The panel shutters are a perfect choice to add a traditional historic look to any Victorian or Edwardian home and can add a touch of drama to any new house..

Beautifully made Solid wood panel shutters are both traditional and versatile and a great solution for interior window shutters, doors, solid room dividers and even as unique stand-alone dividers. Our made to measure solid wood panels at South East Shutters are crafted exactly to your sizes, design and specifications, so every shutter is a perfect fit for every window.

Benefits of Solid Wood Panel Shutters

This stylish solution will protect against the more common highs and lows of our British weather, solid panel shutters have been used extensively in the UK for up to 500 years. Before glass windows became a widespread solution to keeping out the weather, many homes had solid wooden shutters covering their windows or would have glass only in the upper half of a window and shutters in the bottom. Nowadays, a combination of wood panel shutters and glass in historic homes is much more common as these solid shutters provide extra insulation, security as well as style.