Our popular Plantation shutters can be the perfect solution to dress French doors and Patio doors.

These can be designed with shutter panels that open individually or bi-folding shutter doors on a smooth track system, in any size or shape.

We can help you select the correct materials for shutters on doors, available in any material from our range depending on size, from MDF to hardwood.


What is a Track System?

Used for very wide windows or doors this will allow you to open and close your shutter doors smoothly every time.

The tracks are installed in the top and bottom of the framework with a choice of single track, where the shutters bi-fold back in one direction, or a bypass track so the shutters can act as sliding doors.


Customise your Shutter Doors

Choose from our range of slat sizes to allowing the perfect amount of light in whilst providing privacy.

From Patio doors to single hardwood shutter doors with louvres in a colour of your choice, each door opening individually.

Available in our range of materials and colour options, book now for a free quotation and consultation and talk with our experts.

Individual opening doors – Hardwood shutter doors with 76mm louvres in pure white, each door opens individually.



Bi-fold doors on a track system

Hardwood, bi-folding shutter doors on a track system. Pure white with 89mm louvres.