Full height style shutters are a classic and are by far the most popular shutter style. A full-height shutter gives complete privacy, by fully covering a window or opening from top to bottom.  When opening and closing the shutters, the panels are hinged to the framework to allow you to open the shutter up, and fold the shutter panels back to your desired position. The shutters can be configured to have bi-folding panels, to allow you to completely fold the shutters back, giving you a completely unobstructed view.


The Benefits of a Full Height Shutter

As an experienced shutter company, we feel it’s important to explain the benefits that full height plantation shutters have over alternative shutter styles such as cafe style or tier on tier. First of all, they always look great, full height shutters will transform any room. The parallel lines of the shutter louvres when the light hits them simply looks fantastic. The light reflecting off of the shutter panels makes even the smallest room look bigger.

Whether you are looking to dress a bay window or a flat window, full-height shutters are suitable for windows of any size, shape or style. When measuring shutters our surveyors will work with your ideas and requirements to provide bespoke shutters that work for your home.


Full Height Shutters With Mid Rails

If your window has a break in it, such as a fanlight or a sash window then we can incorporate our shutter blinds with a mid-rail. A mid rail is an additional rail in the shutter panel, that breaks the shutter up into sections.

The benefits of full height shutters with mid rails are very high, a mid-rail provides excellent additional strength to shutter panels by helping brace the shutters. Mid rails enable us to make the shutters taller if needed, making them ideal for large atrium style windows or other large openings.

As well as making full height shutters stronger, a mid-rail also gives separate tiers of louvres. This enables you to close the bottom section of the louvres, whilst keeping the top section open. Perfect for those summer mornings and evenings when you need privacy from the head down, but don’t want to cut the light out of the room.


Full Height Shutter Finishes

Our full height shutter range comes with all the options available, there is a massive choice of paints and stains as standard and if you still can’t find the right finish then we can provide a custom paint or stain to match any requirement to ensure you receive exactly what you’re looking for.

As for operating the louvres, all our wooden shutters come with a range of tilt options including centre tilt, hidden tilt, off-centre rods and our easy tilt rods that are completely built into the shutter panel itself. Our shutter hinges are available in a wide range, giving you colour and finish to suit all designs. We also have hidden hinges that are completely concealed and give a seamless appearance.

Full height shutters can be completely customisable to your interior, light and privacy needs. You have up to three louvres, also called slat, sizes to choose from, the inclusion of a blackout blind and you can include a hidden split in the louvres placed at any height within the panel.