Always popular with our clients the elegant Cafe style, half-height wooden shutters create a striking contemporary look.

Adding complete privacy to a room where you still want the natural light to flood in.

Choose your perfect wooden shutter finish, painted or wood stained to enhance the grain.


Café Style Sash Window Shutters

Café style shutters are a perfect window solution for sash windows, providing a natural height with the horizontal bar.

Speak to our team of experts for advice on the best solution for you.


Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows

If you are looking for privacy but do not require a full shutter, the height of the café shutters can be measured to suit you.

For a 1930s bay window style we can add the Café Shutter height up to a fanlight break in your bay window.

Choosing the Right Shutter Materials

A true café style shutter is measured and installed with a 3 sided frame, without a top frame.

With the strength of our hardwood, Basswood and White Ash, these are perfect options for the café style shutters.

Our hardwood range of café style wooden shutters are spray painted by craftsmen to create a perfect finish.