Plantation shutters are not a new window dressing, they have been used for decades. Often known as wooden shutter or shutter blinds, the plantation shutter has taken the UK by storm. At South East Shutters, we have been supplying and installing shutters for decades, and so it’s safe to say we have learnt our trade.

When choosing shutters for your home, it’s important to remember and stick to your criteria, for instance, are you looking for a full-height or cafe style shutter? Any ideas on the shutter finish, painted or stained? We ask this because we manufacture our shutters to meet our customer’s exact criteria, and therefore the benefits once installed will surpass our client’s expectations.

Cafe style shutters are simply stunning. We have a soft spot for this shutter style as it never fails to deliver once the shutters are installed. Cafe style also known as half-height shutters, provide the perfect solution for those who are looking to achieve privacy say in a living room, whilst maximising the volume of natural light.


Sash Window Shutters

When looking at sash window dressings, Cafe style shutters are simply made for sash windows. Just like tier on tier, cafe shutters lend themselves to the traditional design of a sash window. The slimline sash windows, provide a perfect home for half-height window dressings such as cafe shutters, the horizontal break in the sash window is the perfect height to measure shutters too.

Sash window interior shutters are also measured nice and tight to the windows, giving a neat and sleek finish whilst ensuring the louvres can open and close without fault.


Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows

Along with sash windows, cafe style shutters are a great window treatment for 1930s style bay windows. If you are not looking for full privacy, the shutters can be measured up to the fanlight break in the bay windows.
Cafe style shutters allow for a curtain rail to be used in conjunction with the shutters, or even more popular the use of roman blinds. The range of materials from paint colours, fabrics and wooden shutters themselves perfectly to one another, creating a homely feel to any room in the house.
In our experience the only solution Cafe style shutters are not suitable for, is French doors.


Choosing the right shutter materials

A true cafe style shutters are to be measured and installed with a 3 sided frame, without a top frame. Hardwood shutters such as our Basswood shutters and White Ash are all very strong and suitable options. With the strength comes rigidity, which is essential when using a 3 sided frame as it prevents movement over time. 

A professional finish, the problem with entry-level products such as MDF shutters, is the finish on the top of the shutter panels is not consistent and is designed to be hidden from view. The tops of a cafe style shutter are visible, therefore the finish has to be exceptional.

Our hardwood range of shutters is all spray painted, when we manufacture cafe style shutters a lot of time is spent sanding down and applying a thick and consistent finish to the top of the interior shutters.