Our made to measure Bi-fold shutters are a great choice if you are looking to regularly open your shutter panels. The stunning panels are hinged together to fold away neatly to the side when open. Whilst we recommend a light hardwood option when choosing bi-fold shutters we offer these bi-fold shutters in our full range of materials and customisations.

Bi-fold shutters are a popular choice for apartment windows and three-sided bays, as seen in the left image. When paired with tier-on-tier you can really maximise the amount of light coming into your home. 


– Folds away neatly

– Stylish solution to dress doors with shutters


– For bi-fold shutters to work the panels have to be equal in size *

* this means we cannot guarantee that they will line up 100% with your window but we will do everything we can to get them as close as we can.

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