If you’re looking for shutters for a room where condensation is an issue, we would definitely recommend our waterproof poly shutters. This fantastic versatile shutter range is manufactured using closed-cell composite technology and are designed for the toughest of environments. Perfect for bathroom shutters that will not warp when exposed to dampness but are otherwise just as customisable as our other hardwood shutter ranges.

Our stunning poly shutters are easy to clean, dent-proof and chip-proof making them the most durable shutters available from South East Shutters.

These made to measure poly shutters are available in five white finishes, from Pure White through to Creamy, they come with extra features as standard to make them most suited to bathrooms and other damp environments:

  • Plastic rollerball catch to keep the shutter firmly closed, this replaces the magnetic catch of our wooden shutters.
  • Stainless steel hinges – 100% waterproof so no rusting!

If you would like advice on whether shutters or blinds would be a better fit for your windows then we are here to help. South East Shutters will expertly measure and fit a range of waterproof blinds, including Venetian and roller blinds in a choice of colours and styles.



Aluminium Reinforced

5 Year Guarantee