We can honestly say that our Poplar wood shutters are the most rounded shutter range that we offer at South East Shutters, the wood is perfectly suited to most of our shutter styles from full height shutters in larger windows, to shaped shutters and tracked shutters, there are few limitations for a Poplar wood shutter.

Our Poplar wood is sourced from Russia, where it is sustainably forested.

All of the poplar wood used by our craftsman is A1 grade to ensure only the best lengths are used for our bespoke wooden shutters. Once selected the wood is climatised and kiln-dried to ensure supreme stability is achieved before the manufacturing process can commence. As the Poplar wood grain is not as attractive as the Basswood is a better solution for painted shutters rather than stained wood shutters.

Poplar woods great qualities of strength and stability make it ideal for bay window shutters or tier on tier shutters where more stability will ensure the plantation shutters do not move over time when in constant daily use.


Shutter Louvre sizes

Our Poplar wood shutter range is available in 4 different louvre sizes (or slats):

47mm louvres
64mm louvres
76mm louvres
89mm louvres

Our expert team at South East Shutters will be able to recommend the most suitable louvre size for your windows.

Solid shutters

Solid shutters such as our shaker style or raised and fielded shutters are all available in Poplar wood. The solid panels can also be used for cabinet doors, track system shutters such as room dividers, as well as window shutters.

Paint colours and finishes

If you are feeling creative – we can offer more than just white wooden shutters these Poplar wood shutters are available in a range of standard paint colours and can also be finished in a custom colour to match your homes interior theme. 

This Poplar wood range is finished in a sprayed Polyurethane paint finish, which is the highest quality wood finish available. It is both hard-wearing and resistant to damage from the typical wear and tear that shutters are subjected to daily.

Premium Hardwood Shutters – MDF/Wood

From the smallest details such as the density of wood fibres through to the finished spray painting, we always aim to achieve the best for our bespoke shutter ranges.

Our expertise is present at every step, from the design to the final product. We pride ourselves on offering only the best wood and materials for all our shutters.

As great as a material MDF is, we know it has huge limitations, for example, Bi-folding shutters are simply not suitable for MDF, the weight of the material coupled with the weak joints and hinge points will only lead to the shutters falling over a period of time.

Home surveys and free samples

Our team of experts at South East Shutters is committed to providing the best customer service. With so many choices available from shutter materials to colours, louvre sizes and more we try to make narrowing down your choice as easy as possible. Our experienced surveyors will carry out FREE home visits to discuss your personal requirements in the comfort of your own home.

Arrange a FREE home consultation so you can discuss your requirements.