A strong hardwood with a pale and even colour and a straight grain.

The wood is soft and light making it easy to carve for creating shutters, especially shaped shutters.

As the Basswood tree is tall with few knots, this makes it perfect for creating strong full height shutters.

Sustainability – currently considered as ‘a species of least concern’ (IUCN) & FSC certified giving you the knowledge that your shutters are sustainably sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


100% Hardwood Window Shutters

At South East Shutters our Basswood shutters are crafted from 100% basswood including the frames for uniform strength leaving little room for weakness,

Because of the Basswoods key features of strength and insulation it is a hardwood that has been used for many years for large Plantation shutters.

The price premium for Basswood shutters is due to its comparable slow growth and high demand.


Basswood Shutter Colours and Finishes

With Basswood being naturally light coloured with a close grain, this makes it well suited for even wood stains and coloured paint finish.

Our expert crafters can colour match the Basswood shutters to any paint or stain finish,  perfect for matching existing features in your home.


Special Shaped Shutters

Create a stunning unique look with our special shaped shutters crafted in Basswood which can be carved to any shape making it perfect circle / semi-circle and most any shaped shutters.
Add a stunning skylight feature to full height shutters, tier on tier and cafe style shutters.