Our Basswood shutters are simply stunning, we have been using basswood to manufacture our shutters since 2011. As with all our materials, we select our real wood timbers based on specific criteria that ensure nothing short of perfect plantation shutters for our clients. Our criteria have been set using Basswood as the benchmark.

Our Basswood is hand-selected by our forestry team, to ensure each length is perfect for manufacturing. We are proud to say that our basswood is FSC certified, which means that you have peace of mind knowing that the shutters have been sustainably sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


100% hardwood window shutters

Our Basswood shutters are exactly what we say they are, unlike some suppliers, our shutters are manufactured from 100% basswood, we use full basswood frames as well as the shutter panels themselves, to provide the ultimate in strength and build quality. 

When looking into shutter materials, we have steered away using MDF frames with Basswood shutter panels as this eliminates any benefits found from using a basswood shutter, as the frame is the structural backbone of all shutter ranges.  To provide a strong and stable position for our hinge points, we recommend using a hardwood frame, where the screws bite into the grain of the real wood, providing a better solution than MDF shutters.


The original wooden plantation shutters

Basswood is known as the industry standard for a hardwood shutter, it has been used to manufacture hardwood shutters and blinds worldwide for over 30 years. From the USA to Europe, Australia and China all manufacturers regard Basswood as the hardwood of choice when building real wood shutters.

Because of its popularity, Basswood is becoming harder to source. It’s a slow-growing tree, which is monitored and controlled by forestry councils to ensure its sustainability. Due to its demand and slow growth, it carries a higher price than similar hardwoods such as Poplar.


Basswood compared to other shutter materials

With decades of experience in working with Basswood shutters, we can honestly say there isn’t a downside to Basswood. It’s a beautiful material to work with, from manufacture to installation the hardwood gives great results. The natural characteristics such as its straight grain, keeping the hardwood very stable, making it highly resistant to warping.

Perfect for large windows such as a bay window, the lightweight advantages of Basswood shutters over heavier materials provide a better built, longer-lasting solution than any other shutter materials.
When compared to an entry-level shutter like MDF shutters, Basswood outperforms them on every level, from its weight advantages through to its strength and finish, you can see and feel the benefits of real wood.


Basswood shutter colours and finishes

A naturally light wood, with a pale to slightly yellow appearance, Basswood in its natural state is perfectly suited to take any stain or coloured finishes. Once sanded back and fully prepared, the finish on our Basswood shutters is very smooth and consistent. 

We can colour manufacture our Basswood shutters to match any paint or stain finish.  A perfect solution for those of you looking to match existing features in a room.


Special shaped shutters

Special shaped shutters are where Basswood comes into its own, its carves and moulds beautifully making it a perfect material to handcrafted circle shutters or any other shaped shutters with.
It’s not just special shaped shutters that basswood is good for. Basswood is the most stable material for all shutter styles, including full height shutters, tier on tier and cafe style shutters.
Whatever shutter style you are looking for in your home, our Basswood shutters will provide you with the perfect shutter blinds, built to provide years of enjoyment.