However you wish to operate your bespoke shutters, we have a perfect solution that allows you to easily adjust the louvres and allow more or less natural light in. The tilt system allows the louvres to be opened and closed to change light and privacy levels to suit you.

Choose from the following tilt rods and easy tilt solutions:

Centre Tilt Rod

The tilt rod is attached to the centre of the louvres, enabling you to tilt all the louvres at the same time.

Traditional styling, complements older style homes to add character.

Offset Tilt Rod

Has the same function as the center tilt rod but can be off set to one side.

Can be placed on the hinged side or opening side which works well on shaped shutters.


South East Shutters - Bespoke Plantation Shutters

Hidden Tilt Rod

Adjust the louvres without a visible rod, a small metal bar is attached to the louvres on the back of the shutter panel.

The hidden tilt rod offers the same uncluttered appearance as the easy tilt range but at a price to suit your pocket.

Easy Tilt System

The easy tilt system allows the louvres are tilted by hand. With a gear system built into the panel which links the louvres together, for a sleek style. 

Popular with our tier on tier range of shutters.