However you wish to operate your window shutters, we have a system that allows you to easily adjust the louvres. The tilt system – or shutter tilt rod – is how the louvres are opened and closed to change light and privacy levels. We have a few different systems on offer that can be used with any of our shutter designs.

For your shutter tilt system you can choose from the following tilt rods and easy tilt solutions:

Centre Tilt Rod – The tilt rod is attached to the centre of the louvres, enabling you to tilt all the louvres at the same time to adjust them.

Centre tilt rods are most popular and look great on all shutter styles, their simplicity and traditional style work well with full height shutters in sash windows and other windows rich in character. Compared to our hidden tilt rod systems, a centre tilt rod is the original plantation shutter system and lends itself perfectly for those who are looking to restore or retain the original character of an older home.

Offset Tilt Rod – With the same function as the centre tilt rod but the rod can be attached to either the left or right side of the louvres.

Our offset tilt rod offers the same function and style as the centre tilt rod but the rod can be placed either on the opening side or the hinge side of the shutter panel.

Offsetting the tilt rod can add a sleek and minimal look to your shutters and are most popular on our range of shaped shutters.

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Hidden Tilt Rod – The clean hidden tilt system allows you to adjust the louvres without a rod – a small metal bar is attached to the louvres on the back of the shutter panel.

Our hidden tilt rod offers the same appearance as our easy tilt range, the difference being the louvres are held together by a white bar on the back of the panel. 

This solution is most popular with our white painted shutters as the white bar then blends in, this is a more cost-effective option than our easy tilt range.

Easy Tilt System – A hidden tilt system allows you to adjust the louvres without a rod. An operating mechanism is built into the shutter panel itself, enabling the louvres to be adjusted together by hand.

The easy tilt system is our most popular, the louvres are operated in sync by hand. THis is achieved by a gear system built inside the panel linking all of the louvres together, offering a modern, sleek style. 

As there is no visible rod, you have minimal fuss, this particular option is popular with our tier on tier range of wooden shutters, especially if you opt for bi-folding shutters.