At South East Shutters we can offer three depths of louvres, 64mm, 76mm and 89mm.

Adjustable to give you control of natural light and privacy in your room.

Our experts at South East Shutters can provide detailed advice on which size would most suit your room.

View details of the slat sizes below and book a free consultation using the form on this page!

Classic Louvres (64mm)

A traditional choice for any shutter and works well for any room.

This smaller louvres favour privacy over the volume of natural light.

Works well for smaller panels.

In-Vogue Louvres (76mm)

This new addition of a statement medium sized louvre sits between the Classic and Modern.

The medium louvre is a balance between privacy and light.

Fewer slats per panel mean more light and a simpler finish while managing to keep that cosy feel.

Modern Louvres (89mm)

The modern larger slats offer an uncluttered minimalistic look.