Shutter louvres, or most commonly called slats, are an important feature and what makes up a plantation shutter. They are adjustable to give you full control of light and privacy. At South East Shutters we can offer three depths of louvres, 64mm, 76mm and 89mm.

For your shutters, the louvre size is of great importance when choosing the design of your shutters as you will need to strike the correct balance between privacy, light and style. Some louvre sizes may suit some windows and doors but some may not be as suitable, deciding on a size that’s suitable for your home is important. 

Our experts at South East Shutters are here to help and can provide detailed advice on which sizes would most suit your home upon carrying out our site survey – but we will always be led by you.

Compare the slat sizes below and book in for a free quotation using the form on the page!

Classic (64mm)

The Classic range is just that, classic.

A popular choice, this smaller louvre gives your room that classic shutter finish.

More louvres per panel mean marginally less light than larger slats when open, but add a very pleasing feel to most rooms.

This smaller louvre is often chosen by customers who favour privacy against the amount of light.

Often these work better with a slightly smaller panel.

In-Vogue (76mm)

As the name suggests the In-Vogue slat is a definite statement and on-trend.

This new addition to the slat family slots nicely between the Classic louvres and Modern louvres.

This slat size incorporates the best of both worlds, this medium louvre is an ideal choice to balance both privacy and light.

Fewer slats per panel mean more light and a simpler finish while managing to keep that cosy feel.

Modern (89mm)

If you are looking for a stylish, contemporary look, the Modern slat is the choice for you.

The large slats offer a minimalistic, fresh look.

When open, light pours in and when looking out it provides a more uncluttered view, this Large louvre is an ideal choice for maximum light and a popular choice for shutter doors.

Modest and up to date, the Modern louvre is for those looking for clean lines and an unpretentious finish.