Plantation shutters create the perfect blackout solution, featuring minimal natural light bleed.

Take control of the amount of sun light that filters into your space with the fully tilting louvres.

Our Ultimate Blackout Solutions

Our ultimate blackout shutters are crafted with a frame that allows an integrated honeycomb blind to sit behind the shutter panel, providing two layers of blackout protection.

Easy to operate the blinds separately to the shutters.

The blackout blinds are available in two styles and throughout our wooden shutter ranges.

Blackout Shutter Materials

South East Shutters Blackout shutters are available in three wood ranges Pine, Poplar and Basswood.

Each spray painted for a luxurious finish using the best PU paint finishes for hardwearing use.

Our Shutter Louvres

Featuring overlapping rebated louvres will further improve room darkness, available in our 76mm slat size.

Each louvre is grooved to overlap the next and lay completely flat when closed.

Full Blackout Solution

Our team of experts will take time to discuss and work with you to provide the best blackout solution for your home, please contact one of our team to book a consultation.