Choose plantation shutters for a better blackout solution as these provide little light bleed and allow you full control over the level of sun light filtering in. Wooden shutters have become a timeless window dressing style for bedrooms, as they allow you to easily change the level of natural light in your room. With the louvres open and a blackout blind fully up, the natural light will filter into the room without the harsh full sunlight.

When you close the blackout shutters this provides a fantastic blackout blind solution, which will help you sleep through even the brightest summer mornings.

Ultimate Blackout solutions

Our experts at South East Shutters have found solutions to improve the blackout efficiency of our shutters even further. We are proud to be market leaders in achieving as close to complete blackout as possible. Our blackout plantation shutters are designed to be the ultimate blackout blinds, they are crafted to reduce the amount of natural light filtering into your room. Featuring a specially designed frame that allows for an integrated blackout honeycomb blind to sit behind the shutter panel, the system provides two layers of protection – a shutter and a blind.

Easy to use, to operate the integrated blind simply open the shutter and then pull the blind down into your desired position.

These integrated room darkening blinds are available in two styles and are also available throughout our wooden shutter ranges.

Blackout shutter materials

Our stylish Blackout shutters are available in three beautiful wood ranges Pine, Poplar and Basswood. Each shutter is designed to work perfectly with the integrated pleated blind for complete ease of use and are spray painted for a perfect finish using the very best PU paint finishes for hardwearing use.

White Shutters

To get the best of the natural light in your home, a typical bay window would be dressed with white shutters, as a stunning a window treatment they do reflect light back into a room and it is this characteristic that makes our white wooden shutters such a great solution for making a room seem bigger.

Perfect summer mornings, as lovely as they are, often wake us up earlier than we would like, with the early morning sun reflecting off of the white shutters. Our perfectly fitted integrated blind system will stop just this from happening and allow you full control of light levels.

The blackout blinds are available as tension pleated blinds, which means no messy cords! simply use the blinds central handle to set the desired position of the blind and then close the shutter to achieve optimal efficiency.

Shutter Louvres

Choose overlapping rebated louvres on our Blackout shutters to further improve room darkness, these are available in our most popular 76mm size. Each louvre is grooved to overlap the next and as a result, lay completely flat when closed. By laying completely flat and overlapping one another our rebated louvres will greatly improve blackout efficiency.
Our full range of standard oval louvres is also available with our blackout shutters if required.

Blackout roller blinds

Our experts recommend avoiding blackout roller blinds or blackout vertical blinds if you are looking to achieve maximum blackout in a room. These blinds, including Venetian blinds allow light to filter in through the sides of the blind.

In comparison to the venetian and roller blinds, our blackout plantation shutters blackout a much greater volume of light.

Our team of experts will take time to discuss and work with you, to provide the best blackout solutions for your home.