Bay windows are a common feature of homes in the South of London and the South East Shutters team is regularly called upon to measure and fit bay window shutters of all shapes and sizes.

There are numerous different styles of bay windows, each offering additional room space. The traditional definition of what constitutes a bay window is a window that protrudes from the exterior wall of a home, creating a space framed with a minimum of three window panels.

Bay Window Shutters Gallery

No matter the style of bay window your home boasts, the South East Shutters fitting team has the skill and know-how to perfectly install the shutters of your choosing. If you are concerned that your bay windows would not be suitable for shutters, we will happily offer advice and guidance to alleviate any fears.

Browse the gallery below to see a fantastic selection of plantation shutters that we have fitted in bay windows in the South East, South West, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.