Shutter Materials

we are truly passionate about our shutter materials and the woods they are made from, which is why we only use carefully selected shutter materials to provide our customers with the widest range and the highest quality made-to-measure plantation shutters available in the UK. The materials our plantation shutters are made from effects the number of paint and stain colours available, the number of hinged panels that can be used to cover a window space, the number of louvre sizes available and the rooms they are most suited for and therefore by reading the following pages for each product in our range, you’ll gain a better understanding of which product within our range would be most suitable to meet your requirements.
Our shutters come in a range of materials to suit every budget, style and taste. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards. Please see below our range broken down into sections feel free to read through and explore our options that are available with each of our products you’ll also be able to tell what the limitations are of each range.

Antigua Range

This is our entry-level product manufactured in MDF coated in an extruded polypropylene coating, offering exactly the same levels of quality but with reduced colour options and installation capabilities. Antigua is only available in 5 white painted colours and is not suitable for special shaped shutters or larger unsupported window installations.

Bermuda Range

Bermuda shutters are available in wide range of louvre sizes to suit your requirements and personal preference. Due to the louvres being manufactured from ABS plastic, the panel weight of the shutter is reduced which means single panels can be much wider than our entry-level shutters. As this high quality plastic is more cost efficient than real hardwood, it allows us to provide customers with high quality shutters for less.

Cuba Range

The panels are manufactured in a mix of sustainable hardwoods all with a linear grain making them ideal for painting by providing a flat and uniform finish. This helps compliment the single plain stile type to give a clean and pleasing finish to the shutters while reinforcing the strength of the panel to ensure it doesn’t twist or warp over time, ensuring that our shutters are built to last and to the highest possible standards.

Java Range

ABS is a superior and more robust shutter to alternative vinyl shutters and can be easily moulded which means that, unlike vinyl shutters, the profiles of the frames are far more refined which gives a higher quality look and finish to the shutter. Indeed, to the naked eye, it’s hard to tell the shutters are made of a plastic material due to the high quality materials used.

Fiji Range

Fiji is our beautiful and stable timber manufactured range utilising the same high quality standards as all of our substrates. The painted range is manufactured from high quality hardwoods while the stained range is manufactured in paulownia which has a beautiful wood grain. Paulownia is a plantation wood and grows to full maturity in7-10 years making it very sustainable.

Sumatra Range

Sumatra shutters are made of White Teak – one of the world’s finest quality timbers. The wood comes from sustainable forests on the Solomon Islands which nurture several protected species of hardwood trees. The plantation has held certification since 1998 and provides full accountability and traceability of this premium timber.