Cafe Style Window Shutters

Cafe style window shutters are half the height of full height shutters and are excellent for providing privacy to street level and street facing windows. Sitting in the bottom half of the window, Cafe style window shutters allow light in the top half of the window to provide a unique level of light and privacy in the room.


Cafe style window shutters are available to order in a wide range of colours and stains, depending on the material range selected, allowing you to match your shutters to your window frames. Our Cafe style window shutters  can also be custom colour matched to the UK’s leading paint companies to provide you with an unrivalled array of colour options to match your style and home, perfectly. Simply specifythe paint colour you’d like your shutters and we will take care of the rest. Cafe style window shutters are also ideal for 1st floor bedrooms that are perhaps not overlooked from above and therefore full privacy is not required. But by having privacy in the lower half of the window, the open top half can let welcomed light into the room.

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Install Cafe Style Window Shutters In Your Home 

One thing we know about windows is that there is no such thing as a perfectly square or rectangle window. The great thing about shutters is that they can be crafted to fit just about any window and frame, so if your cottage windows are centuries old and not perfectly symmetrical, we will use our expertise and craftsmanship to install shutters to your unique windows leaving you with a high quality work of art.